This week, Swami sits down with director of the Staten Island University Hospital cardiac catheterization lab, Dr. Ruben Kandov, to discuss ACS management.

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This week we chat with Dr. Danielle Langan, MedEd Fellow and Attending at Staten Island University Hospital, about awareness during paralysis post-RSI.

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Simply put, flow is the peak of human performance, maximum focus with maximum responsiveness, an optimal state of consciousness. This state of mind is accessible to anyone under the right circumstances and has huge implications to how we live, work and train. 

In this podcast episode, three Emergency Medicine Physicians, Drs. Marco Propersi, Dan Wolf and Will Smith, discuss flow in relation to working in the ED, how it intersects with medical training, on shift performance and even in daily life outside the hospital. 

  • Does the high stakes life or death environment in the ED allow us to access a flow state, even though our own lives are not at risk? 
  • How can you set yourself up to achieve flow?
  • While on shift how does being ‘in flow’ facilitate mastery of our profession?

We will discuss these topics and many more on this episode of REBEL Reflections!

The Rise of Superman on


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